Blessing of St. Therese of Lisieux

May today there be peace within.

May you trust God that you are
exactly where you are meant to be.

May you not forget the infinite
possibilities that are born of faith.

May you use those gifts that you
have received, and pass on the love
that has been given to you.

May you be content knowing you
are a child of God.

Let this presence settle into your
bones, and allow your soul the
freedom to sing, dance, praise
and love.

It is there for each and every one
of us.


Partnership in Mission

Partnership in Mission is a program developed by the Parish Life Commission and the Archdiocesan Mission Office to promote parish "twinning". The purpose is to seek a faith-filled relationship with another Catholic community outside of the parish. It requires an openness to recognize and accept the gifts that our two communities have to share. We "twin" with the Sisters of Divine Providence in Madagascar. Missions are of special significance to our parish since St. Therese is the patroness of Missions.

Construction in Nosy Be, Madagascar

Here are photos of the ongoing construction of the chapel at Amdondrana children's rehabilitation center in Nosy Be, Madagascar. Little Flower contributions have helped to fund this project for the Sisters of Divine Providence in Madagascar.

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