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Archdiocesan Decree on Child Protection

Regional Catholic School

As a result of our efforts to continue to provide an affordable, quality Catholic education for our children, St. Therese Little Flower Parish, along with the parishes of St. Ann in Groesbeck, St. Margaret Mary in North College Hill, and Assumption in Mt. Healthy, joined together in 2008 to establish a new regional school.

Our Lady of Grace Catholic School (OLG) was established as an entity operated by the four covenant parishes. It is located on the St. Ann Parish campus at 2940 West Galbraith Rd. in Groesbeck.

Mission - By virtue of its sponsorship by the covenant parishes of St. Ann, Assumption, Little Flower, and St. Margaret Mary, Our Lady of Grace Catholic School seeks to create a nurturing environment in which every member of our school community has the opportunity to fulfill their God given spiritual, academic, social, artistic, physical, and emotional potential.  We provide a high-quality Catholic values-based educational experience, taking intentional actions to empower disciples’ of Christ to meet the challenges of the future as they work to bring about the Kingdom of God.

Our Statement of Belief:
"The Educational mission of the church is an integrated ministry embracing three interlocking dimensions: message, community, and service. Catholic schools afford the fullest and best opportunity to realize this threefold purpose of education among children and young people." (NCCB, To Teach as Jesus Did, 101)
In light of this Church document, Our Lady of Grace School is committed to the education of children in partnership with parents/guardians who recognize that, for people of faith, the wisdom and culture transmitted by a school find their fullest expression within the Gospel call of love and service. 

Our Lady of Grace Community believes that:
• The purpose of Catholic education is to have strong academics along with Catholic traditions, morals, and evangelization.
• Faith formation starts in the home and continues to be an ongoing process which is taught, lived, and celebrated in our school.
• Christian Service is essential to developing our students’ sense of social justice and charity, so they can see and respond to the needs of others.
• Parents are essential partners in developing self-disciplined students who achieve at or above their ability level.
• All-school cooperative activities create a sense of community across the grade levels.
• The implementation of the curriculum requires a variety of instructional methods, materials, and technology to meet diverse learning styles among students.
• Assessment is ongoing and drives instruction practices and facilitates parent communication.
• Through the use of data, surveys, and observations we strive to continuously improve all aspects of our school community.

OLG Education Commission - The purpose of the advisory Education Commission is to work in close collaboration with the school administration and to assist in initiating, developing, and recommending policies to the school administration and the juridical pastor that will enable Our Lady of Grace School to accomplish its goals and objectives.

Membership shall consist of the following voting members:
1. The pastors from the member parishes. One of the pastors will serve as the Juridical Pastor for a one-year term, selected by the pastors of the member parishes.
2. One or two lay members from each covenant parish (appointed by the pastor).
3. No layperson employed by the school or any covenant parish involved in the regional school shall be a voting member of the Education Commission.

Current members:
Assumption Jennifer Ludwig
Little Flower John Wang
St. Ann Kellie Guethlein and Tim Lawson
St. Margaret Mary Jeff Dietrich, Carrie White 
Non-parish Diane Nevius
Pastors: Rev. Thomas McCarthy
Rev. Patrick McMullen
Juridical Pastor Rev. Jerry Gardner
Principal Mandy Kirk
Business Manager Mike Desmier
Teacher Rep. Leslie Spegal

A copy of the complete Education Commission Constitution is available at Our Lady of Grace School and at each covenant parish for your review.

Registration deadlines will be announced in late January. Priority registrations are in effect only during the identified registration periods. The registration fee must accompany the registration, and this amount will be deducted from the following year’s tuition.

Tuition Policy Requirements
The Education Commission recommends tuition and fees to the Juridical Pastor and the Finance Commissions of the covenant parishes. Each family is expected to contribute to the cost of Catholic education by paying tuition.

Tuition payment plans are available through FACTS Management. If additional financial aid is needed due to an emergency, please contact the business manager of the covenant parish in which you are registered (if you are a non-parishioner, please contact the business manager of Our Lady of Grace School).

Tuition refunds are prorated based on the date the student withdraws from school.

Students may be denied the right to classes and report cards if tuition is delinquent and no contact has been made.

Our Lady of Grace students will not be admitted to classes in the following school year if the tuition to date is not paid or other arrangements have not been made with the business manager. No student records will be forwarded to another school until all fees and tuition have been paid in full.

In-Parish Tuition
In-parish tuition rates are charged to participating families of covenant parishes*. A participating family is defined as parents and/or guardians (or at least one parent/guardian) who:

• Possess a Certificate of Covenant Parish Registration from one of the covenant parishes. 
• Are practicing Catholics who worship at weekend liturgies at their covenant parish on a regular basis, are raising their children as Catholics, and are actively involved in their current covenant parish. Families are expected to participate in covenant parish activities. There are a number of these activities available, such as church ministry and fundraising programs benefiting their covenant parish.
• Offer meaningful financial support to their OLG covenant parish, using church envelopes or other recordable methods. Each family must determine their level of weekly offering, based on their means, with consideration for the fact that in-parish tuition covers only part of the cost of educating their child/children. Families who cannot contribute due to financial hardship are still required to place their offering envelope in the collection each week. Families who donate through electronic funds transfer are also required to place an empty offering envelope in the collection each week.

*OLG Covenant parishes: St. Ann-Groesbeck, St. Margaret Mary-North College Hill, Assumption-Mt. Healthy, and St. Therese Little Flower-Mt. Airy

Prior to registration at OLG, the applicable covenant parish will verify membership. The individual OLG parishes will monitor the participating school family requirements semi-annually and families who do not meet the requirements will be charged out-of-parish tuition. 

Tuition aid is available to participating school families suffering economic hardship. Families requesting tuition aid should complete an online FACTS form. Instructions can be found on the OLG website at Each OLG covenant parish establishes its own guidelines and determines eligibility and level of tuition aid to be granted to its member families.

Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance – Needs-based grants (up to $1,100) are available for students (regardless of religion) attending K to 12th grade in Catholic schools in our archdiocese. Applications must be filed online through FACTS Management. A link is available at

Out-of-Parish Tuition

Out-of-parish tuition will be charged to:
• Non-Participating Families - Families who do not meet the requirements outlined above.
• Non-Parishioner Families

Out of parish tuition for 2018/19 $5,995
In parish Tuition for 2018/19 $3,610 for 1st-8th grade
$3,850 for full day Kindergarten 

Our Lady of Grace School Organizations
Our Lady of Grace School Athletic Association provides wholesome recreational and athletic programs, fields and facilities for the four covenant parishes. They encourage, in all programs, a Christian environment, with particular emphasis on participation and developing teamwork, good sportsmanship and high moral standards. Programs are available for youth and adults. These programs are supported through fundraising events and personal involvement.

The Our Lady of Grace parent/teacher organization (PTO) promotes communication and provides additional sources of revenue that will benefit the students of Our Lady of Grace School. The PTO e-mail address is

Cub Scouts teaches boys in grades 1-5 love of God, country and self. They are encouraged to do their best at all times. Activities include family outings, hiking, campouts, fossil hunts, day camp, compass reading, knot tying, etc. Contact Our Lady of Grace School for Cub Scout meeting information.

Girl Scouts builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. There are troops for every grade, Kindergarten-12.

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