Small Parish with a Big Heart


Little Flower Rosegarden Society

Loved ones may be enrolled in the Little Flower Rosegarden Society for a $35 stipend, and are remembered in the eight Masses that Little Flower Church celebrates on the principal feast days of St. Therese, The Little Flower. They also are remembered at least once a month and on all the novena prayers, both perpetual and annual. 

In commemoration of all of the Society members, a rose garden is kept and cared for on the northwest side of the church and school at the shrine of the Little Flower. To enroll someone in the Rosegarden, stop by or call the Parish Office.  

St. Therese’s Principal Feast Days:

January 2, 1873 Birthday of Little Flower
April 9, 1888 Entry into Carmel
April 29, 1923 Beatification
May 8, 1884 First Communion
May 17, 1925 Canonization
September 8, 1890 Profession of Vows
(September 30, 1897 Death, Entry into Heaven)
October 1 Feast Day
October 19, 1997 Declared Doctor of the Church